#LushBoss: The Cardi B Effect

Regular Shmegular Degular girl…or nah? When you hear this saying being repeated it’s almost an automatic laugh or smile that comes across. Whether you like this regular shmegular girl from the Bronx or not, one thing you definitely have to do is respect her. I’ve witnessed the Cardi B effect from her day one antics as a popular NYC stripper turned instagram sensation, to Love and Hip Hop star to now a hit maker proving she’s so much more.

The straight shooter, yet  comedic pretty girl used that Love and Hip Hop platform and turned it into to top Billboard chart status with her single “Bodak Yellow.”  Simply put, the club banger of 2017, please don’t debate me here. One thing is for certain you have to appreciate her transparency through all of her fame, the girl is working hard and making these “bloody moves” and its commendable. She’s getting notoriety from the likes of BET, appearing on an episode of Being Mary Jane, Elle Magazine as well as the designers fitting her slim thick frame in some of the hottest threads. (Yes plenty of Gucci) She’s the ultimate come up story and this isn’t a bad blue print its an inspiring one, there isn’t a right or wrong way to success!

Now let’s be crystal clear, what other Love and Hip Hop star whether NY, ATL or LA has come across as a new artist and has been able accomplish not only back to back mix tapes but the amount of love from these hit songs and not only appearances? Not one and not including K Michelle because she was signed prior.  And not even the Puerto Rican Princess has had these moves and I love some Joseline Hernandez. Cardi is a smart cookie, don’t be fooled by her vernacular. Most recently Drake brought Cardi out on stage at his huge OVO festival this past week to perform  “Bodak Yellow” and the crowd went wild!  Talk about hard work not going unnoticed! Cardi is hot and she’s getting her life right now. So what say you, is Cardi B here to stay or is she a buzz for the moment?

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Vegan

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