Dear Kevin…

Dear Kevin,

In the words of my gracious Aunty NeNe: You can never win when you play dirty.

Only if you live under a rock you have not heard the latest debacle which is Kevin Hart’s cheating escapade gone viral. Being a McNasty has its pits, this being one of them as the so-called escort (s) had video tape in exchange for extorting Hart for that bag, yes money. Hart actually acted as if he had a heart and apologized to his very pregnant wife Eniko, notably as the tape came into the hands of multiple bloggers. My girl Fameolous even got her page taken down and page off Instagram last night by Hart’s legal team, she had video footage zoomed in and ready to go for the masses. But who can blame bloggers and social media as a whole?

These dudes (and celebrities alike) do their dirt and act like they can’t get got. Look at Rob Kardashian, he exposed his ex Blac Chyna posting all her nudes and now is in legal battle out the ass for that and child support. Whether she had bad intentions or not. That male ego shit, going to the extreme -you’re not going to win. Now back to Kevin Hart, what baffles me about all of this is the mere fact that he didn’t think it would happen to him. Surely this wasn’t the first time, but the idea of having fame and money, they feel untouchable even elusive, fame is a high that  will have you doing the utmost. So he can have as many pages taken down,but  that video content remains a smear.

Now his wife Eniko should not have to face this during pregnancy, that part we don’t like. And most people will say “oh she was his mistress, when he was married.” Two wrongs don’t make a right, Torrei Hart ( his ex-wife) may be eating this up since their most recent instagram beef here, but needless to say this is a man’s wrong doing and consistent behavior that is just shining through because he’s in the limelight. So let’s be crystal clear, Eniko aint going anywhere anytime soon, Kev is a dog that got caught out there and his ex-wife is going to milk it to the cows come. Let this be a lesson fellas, you can’t think paying off hoe’s will keep them quiet, so why not keep it cute from the beginning and stop whoring better yet if you’re doing it let’s keep it tight.

Update: Oh an said mistress a word of advice – you hired Lisa Bloom FOR WHAT? I think you should have kept it quiet -you are no victim and no Blac Chyna.

Photo Credit: JustJared

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