Nola… My Darling

Only if you have been under a rock then you haven’t heard the buzz on Netflix’s new fix, She’s Gotta Have It. Yes, Spike Lee has tapped into the Netflix side and is giving us a 10 episode rendition of his first film She’s Gotta Have It (1986). At the time I saw the film it was definitely different, funny and ahead of the times. Boasting a woman not fully for commitment, sexually fluid and grinding this NYC life? Nah nothing of its kind!


Speed up to 2017 our main character Nola Darling is exactly the kind of woman we can identify with this chick. Her and her friends effortlessly make it an easy to watch moment. Not to mention the lovers, all so different with one thing in common, Nola. Amidst a love triangle -more like square; Nola fits in the center of her four lovers all the while trying to figure out her career path, her first art show, therapy, managing adult life, if wanting or needing any of the four lovers is worth it at this point all the while making sense along with everyday NYC life. Bravo Spike!

I just admired the spirit of this woman, I didn’t really relate to the Nola of the 1986 film as much. And I love how Spike Lee really re-examined this character and intertwined the story line making it come full circle with our present time. This is definitely a conversation starter, Lee did a brilliant job and the actors were perfect for each role. If there is a Season 2, I’d definitely watch, more like binge. Get into it check out Season 1 streaming now on Netflix!

Photo Credit: Boston Herald, IMDB


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