The Beauty Pick: Lushable Faves

As a self-proclaimed product junky… not even sure when this happened but It did. Any given opportunity for smoother softer skin and skin care that allows my hyper-pigmentation to disappear I’m for it. I’ve definitely tried “natural” products but as an everyday wash it’s a no for me dawg. The only thing that I use more so as a topical agent at nights would be turmeric shea butter that I purchased from a local vendor and if used consistently I have seen a change over a course of 4 months. While I can only use that at night due to the consistency, my search for a face mask treatment continued. I wanted a mask to detox and clear that didn’t just look  cute for a Snap Chat session for #MaskMondays. I hit gold with the  Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal mask.

Using the mask however in unison with the Boscia purifying face wash over a three month span, I am in love with my skin. I have seen instant change and even in the first 10 days, my skin was clearer, marks faded, pores smaller and skin supple. The wash I use twice daily along with the mask twice a week. And did I mention visibly fading over 75%  my marks. I purchased the Boscia Besties kit from Sephora during the Holidays which is still available check the link! But what a dope way to try out some of their famed products in trial size because I heard rave reviews, and well ehhh commitment issues.

Image result for boscia besties kit

The Fenty beauty line is a God send. I don’t think I have ever had a foundation that wasn’t too cakey or didn’t match my yellow undertones to a tee the way Fenty beauty has in my color 320. And the best part is if I don’t have to conceal or cover spots it’s a matter of building the coverage and blending. This in which works for mornings when I must look like a human being and not an alien, instant 10-minute face, filled brow, setting powder, bronzer and out the door! Now, the most delicious red liquid lip I’ve had, and I love a red lip… easily goes to the Fenty beauty Stunna lip paint in Uncensored.

Image result for sephora stunna

Her only of the liquid lippie formula currently and I am sure there’s more to come. But even if you don’t wear red often I highly suggest you ladies do so for your collection. Both products purchased at, Sephora.

Who doesn’t like highlight and shimmer? The absolute perfect size fan brush to add all the shimmering need be for your glow would easily go to the Morphe M601 not only is it inexpensive i purchased for under $3 at Ricky’s NYC. Literally adds as much depth or as little as you like, some brushes tend to add too much when the formula is of a higher pigment but this brush gives the perfect touch!

Now I usually don’t share my scents but folks this one is a juicy must have. I fell in love with Sol De Janeiro products sold at Sephora when I received a sample of their famed Bum Bum cream. Known to smooth and tone skin, not only just your bum, it smells like a sultry Carmel breeze on a beach. Ok weird but imagine…. ok so now it comes in a fragrance spray in a 1.7 oz that retails $20 or an 8 oz that is $32. Now this product is concentrated, this is not bath and body works or Victoria secret body spray which to each his own, but I totally loathe. This is a true fragrance in a spray form so a little goes a long way! Trust me on this a definite permanent addition to my scent collection.

Image result for brazilian crush body spray

Looking for a highly pigmented eye shadow, a palette that can easily be traveled with? Or your generally new to eyeshadow’s but you want a great brand? The Huda Beauty mini palettes are just perfect for this with four color combos to choose from, I think I want them all now! Sorry this isn’t the beauty blog so I won’t be swatching but at your local Sephora I highly suggest it. I got the Warm Bronze palette, which I can achieve a dope bronze smokey eye to a natural day time look, I’m in Love!

Image result for huda mini palette

photo credit: Pinterest 

Hope some of these beauty picks can add some Lushurious products to your collections and or daily routines. For reviews or suggestions of dope products email me at


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