By Definition:  lush1


 lushly adverb lushness noun
  1. 1a: growing vigorously especially with luxuriant foliage b :  lavishly productive: as (1) :  fertile (2) :  thriving (3) :  characterized by abundance :  plentiful (4) :  prosperousprofitable
  1. 2asavorydelicious b :  appealing to the senses <the lush sounds c :  opulent, sumptuous <lush accommodations>

Tamina B. is the Jill of All Trades, the epitome of how and where! This NYC beauty is currently the owner of jewelry eBoutique Lush85.com, PR Events Coordinator for Stilettos & Sounds PR LLC as well as contributing editor and writer for numerous blogs. She embarked on her writing and blogging shortly after graduating with a BA in Broadcast Communications in 2008.

The drive and passion for fashion, style, fab culinary finds is BOSS. Being the go to amongst friends, colleagues and family members throughout the years, Tamina decided through out all her many endeavors why not revamp the blogging she’s accustomed to and tie her Brand in with the start of the Lush Boss.

Who is the Lush Boss?  She is ME, she is you, your next door neighbor, your sister or your best friend. The Lush Boss is a Lifestyle Blog that will embody a cornucopia of entrepreneurial highlights, all things Fashion, Budget friendly finds and more! Stay Tuned.