Hot or Not? Metallic Boot Trend

With Fall approaching within a blink of an eye, it is time for boots and booties galore. The trends are calling and the Metallic boot is definitely IN from the most subtle pops of metallic silver to a glittery sequined barrage. We have spotted the hot YSL boot on Cardi B from her MTV VMA … Continue reading Hot or Not? Metallic Boot Trend


#LushBoss: The Cardi B Effect

Regular Shmegular Degular girl...or nah? When you hear this saying being repeated it's almost an automatic laugh or smile that comes across. Whether you like this regular shmegular girl from the Bronx or not, one thing you definitely have to do is respect her. I've witnessed the Cardi B effect from her day one antics … Continue reading #LushBoss: The Cardi B Effect

Au Natural Nail

  There's something delicious in having a fresh creamy manicure! Fortunately for me I have growing nails but have succumbed to the cracks and fraying of Gel Manicures. It was easier and less maintenance, I thought. But the long term effects have left my gorgeous nails in Le Struggle. Still pretty (in my Kimbella voice) … Continue reading Au Natural Nail