And Here’s 5 Reasons He’s A F!^K Boy

  You know them, you see them, they are in your DM's and social circles. If you haven't then here are simple examples of how to spot one and why it's essential to have one up on the game, sadly. Ladies I can't quote ratios or percentages of single women to single men. This isn't … Continue reading And Here’s 5 Reasons He’s A F!^K Boy


Spring Color Trends 2017

Even with the frigid temperatures in NYC this weekend, we cant forget to gear up correctly for Spring and Summer. I don't know about you guys but I am ready to rid myself of multiple layers and my favorite color, black. Pantone suggests the trends in color in all things from fashion to interior design. … Continue reading Spring Color Trends 2017

Au Natural Nail

  There's something delicious in having a fresh creamy manicure! Fortunately for me I have growing nails but have succumbed to the cracks and fraying of Gel Manicures. It was easier and less maintenance, I thought. But the long term effects have left my gorgeous nails in Le Struggle. Still pretty (in my Kimbella voice) … Continue reading Au Natural Nail